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adult online martial arts classes

Adult Virtual Training

Ages: 14+

We are now offering virtual classes for those who are unable to attend classes for any reason.

Having a consistent training routine is vitally important to gain optimum results and build your martial arts skills progressively. We realize it is not always possible to fit in classes around your busy schedule or come to a studio regularly but we have you covered!

Adult Martial Arts Tang Soo Do

Adult Tang Soo Do

Ages: 14+

A Traditional Korean Martial Art focuses on better mind, body, and spirit. Standing, groundwork, sparring self defense, weapons, testing & competition.

 It won’t become dull or routine because as soon as you get better and continue learning, there are always more challenges ahead to keep you inspired and coming back for more!

Adult Martial Arts Taekwondo Fitness Karate

Silver Dragons Tang Soo Do

Ages: 50+

Silver Dragons Tang Soo Do is a specially designed program for those over 50 who would like to learn self defense, improve their fitness and cardiovascular health, whilst meeting new people and having fun! 

As we age it is more important than ever to take care of our physical and mental health and this program is specially designed with your needs in mind. Join the Silver Dragons Tang Soo Do program now!

Adult Martial Arts Cane Self Defense

Defensive Cane Self Defense

Ages: 18+

Never feel vulnerable on the streets again! People who need a walking aid such as a cane can become the target of unscrupulous criminals because their physical disadvantage is clear. Learn to use your cane as a discreet weapon to defend yourself in any situation. 

A program for anyone who uses a cane as a mobility aid or anyone who is interested in learning how to defend yourself using something that many people carry in everyday life. 

Sign up now and learn how to strike back!