My son Teagan continues to grow mentally and physically in the martial arts at Starworld Sierra Vista. He loves it, and he does better everyday in attention, responsibility, and behavior at home & in school.– Sandra King
Parent - Student Age 8
I want to take Martial Arts so that I can be a better person, a better leader, a better student, and to learn self defense– Will B.
Student - Age 8
Martial Arts is helping Emily build her self-confidence and stretch outside her comfort zone. In just the past few months Emily has performed in a school play taking on one of the narrative roles in the play, speaking in front of an audience. Starworld is helping our little girl to feel comfortable being in front of people and taking on a leadership role, a very valuable skill she will need in life. All-the-while Starworld Academy of Tang Soo Do encourages Emily and other students through clubs to keep up her school grades. We are so very proud of her.– Bobby Stocker
Parent - Student Age 10
When Tylah first came to reside with me in Arizona in 2009; she was very young, immature, and even quite shy! I now see her leading classes, and taking on even harder and more difficult challenges, not just at her Dojang; but also at school and even at church. I am very impressed with her continued rise to the level of excellence that she has continually tried to attain and maintain.– Derek Stalling
Parent - Student Age 7
Have you ever had a dream in which you were trying to physically defend yourself? I used to be deeply disturbed by them because my attacks were always lethargic and they dealt no damage to my opponent. I had never -and have yet to- been in an actual fight, or exchanged significant blows with an individual. It frightened me to think that if that time ever arose I couldn’t defend myself. It wasn’t until I was about halfway to reaching black belt that I started winning those fights. My fist making tangible contact with pads in class ultimately led to them dealing blows in my dreams as well. This was a huge boost to my psyche, which always dreaded being vulnerable. Now I’m about to turn 20, and I’m entering my third year of college. It’ll be my first year living off campus and -much to my parent’s dismay- I’ll have to walk home in the dark quiet often. But when I walk it’s with a self-assured stride and my shoulders high. I’m not about to pick a fight with anyone, and I know that best self-defense is being aware of your surroundings and listening to your intuition. However now I wont permit the fear of not being able to fight ever stop me from protecting myself and those around me. Following through with Tang Soo Do and reaching black belt gave me a confidence that I continue to carry with me as a branch out into the world on my own.– Nereida Lewis-Ramirez
Student Age 19
At the end of each class we all stand and recite the seven tenets of Tang Soo Do which are integrity, concentration, perseverance, respect & obedience, self- control, humility and indomitable spirit. One of these words has really stood out to me this belt color and that is perseverance. I have tried to remember this word during my martial arts classes and when I am at work After a long day at work, sometimes I don’t want to go to class; having to do more push-ups is not at the top of my list. When I begin to feel that way I remember perseverance and how I need to keep going to class, keep working out to better my body and help relieve the stress in my life. Being persistent will help me become a better martial artist and that is very important to me. The last couple months at my job have been very stressful; my normal work load has tripled. On top of all this, I am trying to finish the last of my College classes this semester. Tang Soo Do has helped me deal with all the pressure because I have gained confidence, strength and have improved in many other ways. I have learned that if I work hard at something I can accomplish my goals at work and in martial arts. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When I feel like giving up or overwhelmed, I know that if I stay on the right path I will make it.– Stephanie Camacho
Student - Black Belt
What Ki Gong has done for me is help me get energized and relaxed. I like the stretches we do to get energy flowing, and I like it, and I like the people in the class, too.– Emiliano Martinez
Student Age 12
Ki Gong improves my physical (improved my asthma & allergies), mental (better focus & stress management) and emotional (temper and optimism improved) well-being. My Martial Arts focus, stamina & effectiveness has benefitted as well. My healing abilities have strengthened immensely.– Lupe Thomas
Student Age 55
Ki Gong is both relaxing and energizing, paradoxical as that may seem. At the end of each session, I find myself tranquil and revitalized. The normal aches and pains of getting older seem much reduced and new injuries seem to heal much quicker. I really look forward to each session.– Rich Brownell
Student Age 64
Ki Gong provides me the opportunity to take a step back from the clamoring “busy-ness” of daily life to ground myself and find peace while providing me the energy to dive back into the daily fray refreshed and ready to go.– Cathy Brownell
Student Age 58
Ki Gong has been very beneficial in speeding the recovery time in both injury and illness, both in and out of Martial Arts.– Kent Thomas
Student Age 55
Practicing Ki Gong has alleviated pain from an old army injury that even pain killers couldn’t stop.– Rob Martinez
Student Age 36
When I turned to Ki Gong I had already been through chronic pain of muscles and fatigue for 12 years. It helped me so much within four months that I was able to start a nutritionist regime and exercise program at the gym, as well. Now, I combine all three disciplines and am much improved. Ki Gong is most important to me because it allows me to meditate and improve my breating deeply. At the same time, it never wears me out. In fact, it adds to my mental calmness by reducing stress as well as introducing oxygen to my blood and increasing my energy. I do it every day and it takes about one hour.– Carol Reilly
Student Age 63
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